Welcome to My Ideas for a Garden Workspace

A different Workspace

An empty workspace desk, ready to be used.

Consider a change

When weather permits, I like to work outside just to make myself happy, healthier and relatively stress free, simply by a change in routine and setting.

A quiet space

Put aside the office and routine desk scenario. Change your surroundings to one of pleasure, beauty and joy.

Because of everyday stresses and the push to complete deadlines, I find that I don't need more frequent breaks, but instead, wish for a deeper relaxation period that includes beauty and tranquility to rebuild inner strength and refresh my creative process. Thus, my need to work in my sanctuary, a simple means of restoring my creative process.

Making a Choice

It's a set up for quiet time and gives me a sense of isolation away from city sounds, car noises, traffic noises, bus sounds, and office chatter.

Traditonal vs. Sanctuary

image of office space garden enclosure in bloom, light and dark  Pink blossoms