Feng Shui

A perfect white rose from my garden with red laced bordered tips, heavily scented

"Your Chi's Universal energy permeates everything within and around you"

Feng Shui should be considered when you set up your home work space.

Just as your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, Feng Shui is critical to the correct placement of your desk in your workspace.

The Creative Process

Feng Shui is said to put you in charge of your business life, allows you to identify and invite in new business opportunities,
and puts you at ease as you work.


Feng Shui prevents your thoughts and business Chi from floating out the window toward a distant view.

More importantly Feng Shiu helps one avoid a sense of feeling confronted or having your creatively blocked by a solid wall in front of you (https://openspacesfengshui.com/feng-shui-tips/2013/02/office-feng-shui-place-desk-command-position/)

Desk Fun

I saw a fun article on Buzz Feed written by Alejandro Alba entitled "26 Zen Gardens To Help You Find Inner Peace At Work" (July 7, 2014). Mr. Alba shows 26 images of portable gardening scenes that you can place on your desk and enjoy an outdoor scene as you work. Here's a look at two scenarios.

Portable_Beach in a tray that you can sit on the edge of your desk Portable_Garden in a tray that you can sit on the edge of your desk