Art by Women of Color

Photography & Design

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Collaborative Project: Graphic design meets photography.

Collaboratiin photography & illustration


These artisans display the best in retouch photography. It’s a form of art in itself. It’s a highly successful skill for fashion, advertising, and design.  Each field has its own unique set of tools and techniques. In this collaborative project originally posted on Behance, look at the detail and artistic focus. By working together, these artists have honed their photography and illustrative skills to create a stunning visual design.

Alina Kovban Retoucher & PostProduction Digital Artist (

Lola Dupre is a collage artist and illustrator currently based near Glasgow, Scotland. (


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Let the Women Speak

Diverse women speakers

Don’t you agree that through their art women tell their individual stories, their cultural perspective, their true emotions, and individual visions as artisans?

They not only challenge and expand the narratives of art history, but meet at the intersection of art and social movements by creating statements against injustice, inequality, and oppression.  Women of Color use their artistic gifts and tools for Storytelling and powerful messages in their canvases, film, photography, sculpture, music and a range of different artistic mediums.